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About Us

Our Story

For the co-founders of Veloxity, low or dead phone battery anxiety was a personal problem that needed solving. So as most people understand, we’d get really annoyed when our phones would die at the worst of times out. It was during these situations that we started to think about how convenient it would be if we just had somewhere to charge our phones.

That’s when we first hatched the idea of creating a phone charging kiosk that could be used in public spaces for people to charge their phones. We then spent months conducting primary market research, product planning, and voila, Veloxity’s first phone charging kiosk was debuted in 2013.

On a mission to cure dead battery anxiety

Since its inception in 2013 on the campus of Bentley University as a young startup, the Veloxity team has emerged as an industry leader. Our charging station brands, LockerPower (charging kiosks with secure lockers) and Power Pax (portable charging stations), provide businesses and events with additional options for keeping customers powered. As we continue to adapt to the latest trends in technology, our mission remains the same; to provide device charging solutions that combat battery anxiety.

Tech Savvy Millennials

Veloxity is a successful millennial-run company, and we feel that being millennials only works to our advantage. No other generation has grown up with or been exposed to the level of technology as millennials have. Our generation has had the most experience with different tech devices, which makes Veloxity better equipped to make the decisions about products and the individual features each product should have. But being tech savvy isn’t the only benefit of being a millennial. Millennials are innovative, energetic, and open to change. This means that we’re driven to come up with the best products, and willing to adapt if better solutions become available. Learn more about the value of being millennials.

Meet the Veloxity Leadership Team

Today, the team is comprised of the original founding members along with experienced advisers and industry partners. Members of the team and our phone charging stations can often be seen attending or sponsoring events where consumers might face dead battery anxiety.

Krassi Popov
Chief Executive Officer
krassi popov veloxity

Lucky Popov
Chief Financial Officer
lucky popov veloxity

Felipe Nascimento
Chief Technology Officer
felipe nascimento veloxity

Ray Fu
Senior Project Manager
ray fu veloxity boston

Upkar Singh
Chief Operations Officer
Upkar Singh Veloxity


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