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02 Jul


Can Samsung Double Cell Phone Battery Life?

July 2, 2015 | By |

Tech giant Samsung is claiming they’ve developed a new technology that doubles the battery life of cell phones.

A team of researchers and scientists from Samsung’s Advanced Institute of Technology division developed a material that coats crystal graphene on a “silicon surface”, making battery life last longer by twofold. The material is a coating on silicon surface with high-crystalline graphene. Batteries that take advantage of this breakthrough will have 1.5 – 1.8 times more energy than current lithium-ion batteries.

The team reported that growing a graphene layer over the surface of the silicon eradicates problems related to silicon volume changes when phones and charges and discharged that weakens the material’s energy density and lifecycle. Essentially, the silicon will slide between layers of graphene to create a carbide-free coating that can raise the energy density of the full cell when combined with a commercial lithium cobalt oxide cathode.

There are many different groups working on battery life problems these days, and it’s an incredibly complicated area of science. To be able to improve on lithium-ion, new materials not only need to be longer lasting — they also need to be able to withstand thousands of recharge cycles, remain stable and not burst into flames when they’re being used, and be inexpensive enough to be commercially viable.

The technology breakthrough really is huge advancement is battery technology. In summary, new batteries are stable and durable as well as larger in capacity, because the outer layer of graphene adds protection.

It’s not just smartphones that could benefit either — everything from solar energy plants to Tesla’s electric cars are in line to benefit if Samsung’s team of scientists can make this work.

Dyson, a UK-based manufacturer of bag-free vacuum cleaners and other smart products, is said to be backing development of a solid state battery capable of holding twice the energy of current Li-Ion batteries.

While technologists are hard at work, you can avoid dead battery anxiety by looking for a commercial cell phone charging station from a company such as while at a trade show, hotel, casino or college campus.