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12 Jun


How to Make Sure Your Phone Survives Summer Music Festivals

June 12, 2015 | By |

With a few handy tips, you can ensure that your cell phone makes it out alive from this summer’s music festivals.

Summertime is finally here, and with it comes music festival season. From the 100,000 sun-soaked attendees at Tennessee’s annual Bonnaroo, to the cool shade of the Michigan woods at Electric Forest, there’s festivals for every taste in music (and scenery).

One near-constant gripe among festival-goers is the difficulty of keeping their cell phones charged. Another is ensuring those devices make it through the weekend without getting soaked, stolen, etc. With these handy tips, your mobile device will return home with you no worse for the wear:

  • Dim your phone’s brightness to the lowest functional setting. This will save a tremendous amount of battery life, as modern smartphones’ giant screens consume power relentlessly.
  • Set your name, address, and a friend’s phone number as your screensaver/background. If your phone gets lost – which happens far too often at festivals – whoever finds it can easily return your device. It’s hard for people to find your contact information when your device has a screen lock.
  • Carry a Ziploc bag with you at all times. How much do you trust that “100% waterproof” claim on the fancy case you bought? It’s probably going to rain at some point during the festival. A wet phone is a useless phone.
  • Send texts. Don’t make phone calls. Text messages eat up far less battery life than phone calls. Besides, you’re at a music festival. Chances are that either you or whoever you call (or both) will be in a loud setting.
  • Charge it every chance you get. Heading back to the campsite to grab a snack? Even if you’re only there for a few minutes, plug in your phone. Every drop of battery juice counts. Using a charging station that is at the venue of the concert will supply a safe and secure place for you to charge your phone while you can go off and enjoy some of the show.

Above all, know where to find the nearest Veloxity phone charging station with lockers! Many major festivals have mobile charging stations scattered about the grounds. Knowing where they are can save your device’s functionality – even if you ignore the tips listed above!