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Power Pax

Portable Phone Charging Station

Fast & Portable Power for Events & Businesses

The Power Pax is a convenient and portable charging station, perfect for any table top or setting.

Step-By-Step Instructions:

1. Take out a portable pack from the Power Pax charging bay
2. Pull out your respective charging cable from the bottom of the pack
3. Plug in and enjoy life while charging your phone at the same time
4. Unplug and return the pack back to the charging bay

portable chargers for events

Examples of custom branded portable chargers for events

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Custom Branding & Promotions

The Power Pax charging dock and portable power packs can be custom branded for promotions and sponsorships.

Engage Attendees With Your Brand

Create your own unique custom branding on each portable charger and the charging bay. Each power pack has magnetic charging technology that virtually eliminates theft as users cannot charge the packs on their own.


Dimensions – 11″ W x 9″ H x 4″ D
Comes with 8 individual power packs
USB Type-C & Lightning Cable
Capacity – 5,000 mAh per pack
Input/Output – 5V, 2A

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Power Pax

Portable Phone Charging Station

  • Charging Speed
  • Durability
  • Custom Branding

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Power Pax | Portable Phone Charging Station

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